Flooring Project Prep Steps: Any flooring project is significant in that it requires some planning on your part to smooth the way for us to get the job done in as little time as possible. Your preparation steps will vary, depending on the type of flooring you're having installed, but here are some good general guidelines to help any flooring remodel project get off on the right foot.
Work-Space: With any flooring project, the biggest obstacles to getting started are your personal belongings and furniture. All of this stuff is going to have to be cleared out in order to give us room to work. Store your larger furniture in an adjacent room if at all possible. Remember, you'll have to move it all back in a day or more, so the less ground you have to cover, the better. Of course, we can always remove & replace all of your large furniture items and major appliances, for an additional charge. For smaller items, please store them in a garage covered up until the work is finished. Don't forget valuables and knick-knacks, even if they are off the floor to begin with. We will be as careful as possible around your possessions, but even the most careful flooring installer can inadvertently damage items when lugging around heavy materials and working with power tools and cords. As a general rule, it's best to get anything you don't want broken out of the way before the work begins.
Clean the Area: This preparation step is often overlooked when considering flooring because your pre-existing material will usually have to be removed before the new floor is installed. The general feeling is if they're going to make a mess, why clean in the first place? While there is some truth to this sentiment (no need to break out the mop bucket or the steam cleaner), it's still helpful to us if you give the area a light sweep or quick vacuum before the existing material has to be removed.  
Removal of Pre-existing Flooring: We will anticipate removal of the pre-existing flooring as part of the job, this can sometimes be a major undertaking & by all means is better left to the pros.  We have a 3000 pound machine to remove the most common stubborn flooring surfaces, but difficult areas may still require some hand removal with special power tools.
Planning for the Installation: Most flooring remodels require us to make multiple trips through your home during the course of the installation. Anticipate where the highest level of foot traffic will be and plan for it. Locate some old strips of carpet to lie down in the high traffic areas to protect any flooring which isn't being removed, and cover your furniture and remove valuables that are in the most highly used pathways. We will also plan on protecting these high traffic floor areas as well, so no worries. Although we will try our best to keep the dust to a minimum, please cover all areas and your valuables that you want to protect from dust.
Final Considerations: Your preparations ahead of time will be duly noted by us and appreciated. After the work begins, however, it's best to leave us a wide berth and leave the work to the professionals.
We are looking forward to working with you soon.